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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost


Fours For Everyone.... Our Michigan Wolverines are the first school in almost two decades to send teams to both the Final Four and the Frozen Four! Both the basketball team and the hockey team won their regionals and will continue with their seasons. In both cases, it was not expected so there is plenty to still root for over the next two weekends. As usual, the Wolverine faithful represented well on opposite coasts as the teams were sent as far from home as possible. I'm sure it will be an equally vocal crowd as we play for two National Championships. Its Great. To Be. A Michigan Wolverine! Go Blue!!

Overdose Of Swag.... Incredible. Never in my Wolverine life have I had that go down in our favor. Heartbreaks galore but I finally was able to scream at the top of my lungs. Beilein seems to have a memorable quote every March so heres hoping for another next weekend. Go Blue!!

Fail.... Another losing streak to end the football season on a sour note. The Wolverine blogosphere is filling with idiots who have no real ties to the University but make themselves out to be football experts. Both aspects have grown tiresome yet we're stuck with these realities. So time to deal with the doldrums of winter here in Michigan by turning our attention to other sports.

Disappointment.... Two losses towards the end of last season, two losses to end this regular season. Had hoped we could grab one of them. A disappointing tailgate season came to an end but that was more a factor of the ridiculous night games and the weather. Dealt with a lot of mud this season. On to bowl season and our Wolverines are in a New Years Day bowl. Get some players healthy and show us glimpses of hope for next football season. Forever Blue!

Just Something Off.... I thought everything would be better than it has. This inability to beat any real opponent is increasingly disconcerting. Think back over the last twelve months. The only games we have won have been against low level teams. And we didn't beat them very convincingly. There just seems like something is missing from the team chemistry or the like. We head into the osu game as two touchdown underdogs and I'm not confident we could even score two touchdowns. But it is the final home game and senior day. Give me half decent weather and we'll go out rocking. Go Blue!!

And So It Begins.... After an uninteresting game against Maryland, we are down o the last two regular season games. To keep it in perspective, we have yet to beat a team that would be considered in the top 50 teams. We can change all that in our last two. Our Wolverines will have their hands full with a late morning game in Madison. But it should be a slugfest with a pair of top defenses creating smashmouth football at its best. We'll need to show something on offense to keep the Badgers off balance. Here is hoping we've got a bag of tricks we've been keeping under wraps.

Moving On.... First, I would like to congratulate the University and B1G for placing the fans in harms way simply for TV by putting this November game at night. But we slogged out of the mud to watch the Wolverines dominate the Gophers to keep the Little Brown Jug. I have never attended a game with so many long runs for touchdowns. It seemed as if as soon our running back broke thru the line they were gone to the house. Combine that with our usual dominance on defense and it was a relaxing win for once. But here we are in November where the games really matter. Win out and we'll make some noise in the B1G.

Maybe We Found Something.... But we also thought we found something after the Purdue game. It did seem as if there was a different energy in the stadium when Peters entered the game. Even the offensive line blocking seemed better. At the same time, Rutgers is not a real test. Until we can show that we have some semblance of a passing game, opposing defenses will continue to deploy 9/10 defenders near the line of scrimmage. So now we get to experience our first night game ever in the month of November. Could make for a long cold day.

Shut The Fuck Up.... Hey, I was as pissed as anybody. The Garwife and I spent all of Sunday just moping around the house. But all this bullshit about evaluating our coach and the rest of the staff is the epitomy of bandwagoning. We came into the season with the youngest team in college football. We were already without our best left tackle. We lost our best receiver amongst a group of very inexperienced receivers. We lost our starting quarterback. Yet somehow the fanbase believes we should be undefeated. You're being finebaum, the twit that has no other lot in life than to be the dick sucker of the SEC. Just look at him on TV, he sucks dick.And BTW, I'm not sorry if this is offensive to some as I have grown sick and tired of the shrill posting of the so called Michigan fan. This from Yost:
True loyalty is that quality of service that grows under adversity and expands in defeat. Any street urchin can shout applause in victory, but it takes character to stand fast in defeat. One is noise - the other, loyalty.

Passing Game Deficient.... 2.9 yards per attempted pass! That will not win you very many games. While the defense holds us in and even wins games, the offense has been a season long struggle. You can argue that we had a good rushing game against a decent defense, but the complete inability to throw to the correct receiver or the correct spot is killing us. We had a great vantage point to watch the game in Bloomington which allowed me to watch the plays develop. Unfortunately, it also allowed me to recognize that O'Korn is just not seeing his receivers. Anyway, had a great weekend with Sasha and now can get some fall clean-up done this weekend befoer sitting down for the night game in Happy Valley. Lets get this going Blue! Go Blue!! We own...penn state!!!

Best Defense.... The offense continues to struggle but the defense puts such a stranglehold on our opponents that just a few touchdowns can win games for us. West lafayette was unbearably hot but we came out with the needed win. After the bye week, we have a night time showdown with sparty.It is quite likely that we will have a new starting quarterback in this rivalry game. So get ready for a long day of tailgating and some smashmouth football.

Worrisome.... Lets start with the good stuff-the defense is something special. The Michigan defense held Air Force to lows in total and rushing yards. And this is no ordinary offense, they get their yardage becasue of the scheme they play. But the defense was ready for it and so should be able to hold us in games against any offense. Our offense on the other hand needs to start getting better. Every week there are different mistakes but the mistakes do continue which is keepin our opponents in games well into the fourth quarter. Next up is the start of the B1G season and our first true roadtrip. Ross Ade stadium has not been kind to our RV roadtrips but this is one of the few stadiums that serves beer, so there is that to look foward to. If you find yourself in West Lafayette this weekend, we have a tailgate for you. This would be a good time for the offense to put a complete game together. Go Blue!

Not So Good.... Way too many mistakes that need to be fixed. You would figure that improvements would happen between weeks one and two but not so much last week. Speight continues to make mistakes and they seem to be different from week to week. But they continue. Other aspects continue to improve. The O-line was better and the defense continues to get stronger. It will be interesting how that improvement continues this next week as we face a very different offense before we head into the B1G season. Looks like another nice Saturday so come out early and stick around to watch the second game.

Here We Go.... Meat is smoked. Tailgate trailer is ready. Truck is packed. Looks like a great fall day on Saturday so who is ready for some tailgatin'? Early kickoff so come on out early then enjoy the afternoon and the late afternoon game as we hang out. BTW, better bring your voice becasue the Cincy fans believe their team was sandbagging against the worst team in Division 1 Austin Peay and will surprise the world. Austin Peay has won one game over the last four seasons and outgained Cincy. Should be fun. Go Blue!!

Good Start.... But need to cut down on the offensive mistakes that killed the end of last season. It is fixable since it is a matter of poor mechanics. The defense is magnificant as evreybody was swarming to the ball from all angles. Overall a good national win that was more dominating than is reflected by the fianl score. So now we have the home opener against the bearcats from Cinncinnati. Hoping for a nice Septemebr day so we can linger after the game and catch up with everybody. Hope to see you out there.

Game Week.... It is finally here. Enough of the talk, speculation and polls. It is time to play football. A great slate of college football is set for this weekend and right in the middle of it are our Wolverines taking on Florida from the SEC. I just came from the Alumni Association Kickoff Tailgate so I'm pumped and ready blast The Victors out my speakers. A young team yeah, but we haven't had sophmore talent around like this in many years. There will be some stumbles but these kids know how to play football, they just need to let their instincts take care of thing.

Preparations Underway.... Vacations are over and it is time to get ready for the 2017 football and tailgate season. Tailgate trailer is out of storage for cleaning and maintenance. Won't be long now before the first of many grocery store trips. Great lineup of games over the Labor Day weekend so the excitement is building.

Getting Close.... This preseason, the prognosticators are all ranking us down a bit becasue of all the losses to the NFL, especially on defense. We'll see. A lot of the current defense saw significant playing time las season and the young guys are studs. How the QB competition plays out will be interesting. Time to get ready for tailgate season!! Go Blue!!       


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