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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost


Frustrating.... It is not only repeated losing streaks at the end of each football season but also the chatter coming from the locker room. While there is growing frustration with the fanbase, there also seems to be some level of frustration amongst the players. Go Blue Forever! Concentrate on basketball.

Basketball's Goin' Good Though.... Unfortunately, we have read this script before. Another frustrating end to the regular season and in humiliating fashion. Now we have several players deciding not to play in the bowl game. Would just really like to go into the football offseason on a high note for once. Should be a good day of football as the Peach Bowl is matched up with the playoff semifinals on the last Saturday of 2018. Go Blue!!

The Game.... It is down to this. We head into ohio with everything to play for. Pleeeese lets get it done, boys!! Go Blue#

Its All In Front Of Us.... After dismissing Rutgers, we are now down to our last home game and tailgate of the season. Northwestern has clinched the west division and now it only takes us continuing our winning ways to extend our season in a manner we always dreamed about. Let's send these seniors out in style on Saturday with a roaring crowd and a dominating win before we head to Columbus. Looks like it will be a chilly tailgate but we have the traditional Bellywarmers to keep us toasty. Go Blue!

Good Break.... Bye week came at the perfect time halfway thru what has become known as the Revenge Tour. Time to get back into tailgating with a late afternoon game against the Nittany Lions. Hopefully the players have had a chance to heal some over this break as I caught up on my fall yardwork. Last month of the regular season is upon us and everything is there for the taking. Go Blue!!

It Gets Real Now.... Don't dismiss this Maryland team as an easy win. We won easily but the Terrapins have a lot of speed and mix up their offensive sets. The Wolverine defense needed to be ready and until garbage time, they shut things down. The offense was efficient again but this wasn't going to be a defense that would test them. The next three games will tell us all we need to know. All we have been hearing is how our Wolverines cannot beat ranked teams, especially on the road. Lets shut evryone up, especially the shitheads in east landfill. Lets just get this done and set up the Thanksgiving showdown we have been waitnig for. One game at a time right now, it is the meatheads from Wisconsin. Go Blue!!

Road Games Are Like That.... Michigan continues to stugle with beginning of games. I would venture to guess that the Wolverine offense hasn't had an opening drive of more than six plays and that the defense gives up a higher proportion of yards in the first quarter than the others, even garbage time. We grabbed this one in Evanston but even after being down by 17, I didn't feel like we were being outplayed and that we would make the necessary adjustments. Fortunately we did and came out on top in the end. Back home now for a couple of weeks including a night game against the Badgers. We're hitting a stretch of tough games which includes a couple of teams that tend to run their mouths. Time to take the submarine down and come out with all tubes open. Go Blue!!

Long And Sloppy Game.... It continues to be increasingly clear that sports institutions at all levels do not give a shit about the fans. Prices have skyrocketed and games continue to grow longer with every additional TV timeout. And the refereeing has become abysmal leading to sports figures taking their frustrations out during games. Few know what a legal tackle is anymore and judging from the smu game, the refs don't know what pass interference is at the college level. So college football games grow to four hours long, resulting in fans sitting in blistering heat or torrential downpours with no concern for their safety. All for TV. This game was a sloppy game in every respect and hopefully the Wolverines can refocus for the upcoming B1G season. Injuries could play a part in that so lets hope we get some guys back healthy. The Cornhuskers come to town to open the B1G and then it is off to Chicago. Hope to see you at both places. Go Blue!!

Better, Still Things To Work On.... As would be expected, many have retorted that it was only Western so what can you really tell. But these types of games give the team a chance to work on things against opponents that are still trying to bludgeon you. Plus young guys got to play and get experience in a game situation. But say waht you will, this wasn't a game where Shea sat in teh pocket fully protected and picked the opposing defense apart. He made throws on the rollout we haven't seen in quite a while. He made throws to the corner that usually end up in the stands. He built a relationship with his teammates that will benefit the Wolverines later in the season. Looking forward to another game of development which is looking like a nice football afternoon this Saturday before we head into the B1G season. Come on out and have some ribs! Go Blue!!

Tailgate Time.... First home game means the first tailgate of the year and seeing some friends for the first time in months. Come on out early and stay into the evening after we tame some broncos. The game will give me a chance to see the whole field and I'm hoping to see some improvement in key areas. May not be a harbringer of how we'll fair against our opponents in the B1G but it is a chance to work things out. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Go Blue!!

Four In A Row.... Think about that a bit. Our Wolverines have lost four games in a row and have played 500 ball over the last 16 games. And the same issues continue which just heightens the frustration. The final score against the Irish was not an indication of the actual play. Missed blocks, missed holes, curious play calling. We'll need to work things out over the next couple of games before we plunge into the B1G seaason. Hope to see you out at the tailgate. Go Blue!!

Game Day.... It is upon us. Opening weekend of college football. Nothing better. Still have no idea how this first game will turn out for our Wolverines but here is hoping we win by the twenty three points the shitheads were favored in their game against Utah State. New QB, revitalized offensive line, incredible defense. Smells like vicory to me. Go Blue!!

Feeling It.... Not much info coming out of Fort Schembechler (or the submarine if you prefer) but I'm liking what I am reading and the depth chart. The staff recognized they had issues that needed fixing. The team recognized they had issues that needed fixing. I'm getting the feeling they fixed a lot of them. Tailgate trailer is coming out of storage so it is time to think about our tailgates...always looking for ideas (and help). Looking forward to seeing the Garsworld family so I hope all of you will plan to spend all of your Saturday with us! Go Blue!!

Getting Close.... All the conference media days are hitting the airways which means fall practice and the start of the season are around the corner. As we head into practices, the offensive line will be the story to watch. Without considerable improvement along the line, our offense will have a tough time being better than last year. But the word is, OUR defensive linemen are impressed with the improvement along the O-line. That is a good gauge. I'm getting sick of the lesser schools in our conference running their mouth so I'm hoping for a breakout season. Time to get ready for tailgate season!! Go Blue!!       


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