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The usual football Saturday tailgating spot is now Pioneer High School at the southeast corner of Stadium and Main.

Rain or shine, we'll be in Slip 58!!



Directions from I-94 --

Take exit 175 and head north on Ann Arbor-Saline Road towards downtown A2. You will join up with Main Street as Pioneer High School appears on your left side. As you cross over the top of the hill, look for entrance #2 on your left, turn in and pay your rent for the day. Head towards the high school and look for us in Tailgate Slip 58.

Directions from US-23 --

Although I recommend you loop around onto I-94, if you find yourself on Washtenaw Avenue heading west, look for Stadium Blvd veering off to your left. Along Stadium, you'll pass Packard (location of The Pub, the premier aftergame alternative on those inclement days), travel over the railroad bridge where The Big House™ will come into view. Catch your breath and don't make the mistake of turning into Ann Arbor Golf & Outing. About a quarter mile PAST Main Street turn into Entrance #1 to reach our Saturday home. Give the man your $50 and look for Tailgate Slip 58 out in front of the high school building.

Directions from Downtown Ann Arbor --

Heading south on Main Street, you'll pass right by The Big House™, that cathedral of greatness where 109,999 people can sit in almost total silence. Travel thru the intersection of Stadium and Main and get in the right lane to enter the Pioneer HS Entrance #2. Give the man your $50, head towards the high school and look for Tailgate Slip 58.